maandag 30 juni 2014

In the footsteps of Joep Nicolas

In the footsteps of Joep Nicolas

for many years  Mariska Dirkx has been working on the cultural heritage of glass art in Roermond.

Thirty years ago, almost nobody knew what an important role the glass artists of the city of Roermond played at home and abroad. Mariska Dirkx and Dick van Wijk, who live in the former studio of the Nicolas family since 1979 and work every day surrounded by the rich past. Since they live there, there have been visitors talking about Joep Nicolas. For over 150 years, the workshop is a meeting place where artists find each other and the public. For 35 years Dick van Wijk, sculptor, works in the studio and Mariska Dirkx organizes from her gallery exhibitions and is the determining factor for the contemporary glass artists.
It turned out that Joep Nicolas has a great reputation and had many personal contacts. They had and have great respect for him. It is not for nothing that Princess Beatrix was ready to open on June 10 jl exhibition at the Cuypershuis 

Mariska and Dick found it very unfortunate that threatened to lose the cultural heritage of the stained glass as a result of the growing secularization and especially Mariska took in 1986 the initiative to initiate the first Joep Nicolas foundation. She started to explore the history of the glass artists of Roermond. The Nicolas family played the lead role and with the years Mariska gathered more data on the track of the family itself and its artworks.
Mariska set herself the goal to promote the future of Roermond, the city of Glass painting Therefore, contacts were made with contemporary glass artists to promote the tradition of glass art and continue from there. They offered the artists a stage in our own workshop by a permanent space for the glass art in focus.
To allow more people to enjoy the beauty of glass windows and objects and to show how beautiful light with glass can play, Mariska also looked for a larger space in the city. The cloisters of the former Carthusian monastery in Swalmerstraat seemed perfect for this larger structure and thanks to the cooperation of the diocese of Roermond she was the initiator of the glass exhibitions since that time every two years and organized by it in this location.
This year, the 10th Biennial takes place, on an extra grand scale . Joep Nicolas is currently presented at the Cuypershuis of Roermond. The theme "In the footsteps of Joep Nicolas" in keeping with this expo. In the atmospheric cloisters of the former Carthusian monastery in the center of Roermond, glass art lovers can enjoy this extraordinary and versatile glass art exhibition of works by international glass artists. Where previously roamed the Carthusians, the glass sculptures are now presented in the serene light.
In one of the more than 60 meters long cloisters is an exhibition about the recent discovery of ancient glass, found at less than 300 meters from the former studio Nicolas. These fragments of colored glass and stained glass dating from about 1300 -. 1850, more than 2000 fragments were found during
 the renovation of
the streets.
Together with the discovery of glass in 2009 (which consisted of 1.5 million pieces), this is the largest glass treasure found in Europe. Mariska is pleased that various fragments from the excavations are shown in the historical retrospective. 

Mr. Jente van den Bosch, Director SOB Research / Institute for Archaeological and geological research, the exhibition at the Kruisgang monastery on Saturday, August 30th at 14:00 will open and he will thereby certainly address the major national and international importance of this finding in our city​​. 

Every Saturday and Sunday from 30 August / 12 October from 13.00 to 17.00, the Cross Walks to Swalmerstraat 100 Roermond open to visitors. The entrance is behind the gate, right next to the Charles Chapel. Admission is free

In the Atelier Mariska Dirkx, the former studio of Joep Nicolas, Wilhelminasingel 67 Roermond is also a historical exhibition about the history of the studio that was founded in 1855. In addition, look back at the work of all members of the family known Nicolas and the significance of glass art in our city in general. French Nicolas and sons, Joep Nicolas, Suzanne Nys, Gisèle Waterschoot van der Gracht and Charles Eyck worked here. Especially for this exhibition is a beautiful stained glass window by Joep Nicolas on the life of Schinderhannes shown and of course there are examples of contemporary glass art seen from 30 August / m October 12. Open every Saturday and Sunday between 13 and 17 pm and on other days by appointment. The entrance is free here. 

Guided tours through the week by appointment. With added costs, depending on the wishes.
Glass Guided city tours can be organized from the former studio Nicolas to the Cloister and possibly to the Cathedral where modern glass windows to view. All venues are within 10 minutes walking distance from each other. At the weekend the adjacent Charles Chapel in the cloister, dating from 1398, opens at 14 am and freely accessible.
Photo Contest "Fragments of glass" Inspired by the wealth of found glass fragments is the mission of the photo competition: shooting a fragment of a glass object. Also choose the audience that the exhibitions visit the winner. The prize for the winner and his / her family a tour and glass walk by an expert guide through the exhibitions in the cloisters and the former studio of Joep Nicolas and the Cathedral with its beautiful windows
The Cuypershuis Roermond organized in the same period a major exhibition on the painter / glazier Joep Nicolas.

Thanks to:
the Diocese of Roermond for the provision of the Cross Walks
and all the volunteers who help identify these exhibits